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At Outreach, we pioneered the Sales Engagement category and built a tool that hundreds of thousands of sales reps rely on every day to do their job. Over time it became so ubiquitous that the script was flipped. We, as part of the executive team, started getting emailed regularly from our own users selling their software to us. Ironically – even though their products were sometimes interesting – these emails almost never received a reply.

The reality today is that while numerous tools exist for sellers and marketers, the software buying experience has not fundamentally changed. A buyer is still forced into a meeting with an (often) inexperienced sales rep before anything else happens. In many cases, the person driving the initial conversation does not know much about the product they are selling, the industry the buyer is in, or how broader adoption of new solutions work. It isn’t until the second or third meeting that the buyer gets to actually see a demo and get meaningful answers to their questions.

Moreover, all this is happening at a time where GTM efficiency is more important than ever. In order to drive revenue, organizations need to seriously rethink how they engage with buyers; this starts by meeting buyers on their terms and doing so at the speed they expect– without adding additional headcount.

We have spent the last nine months speaking to buyers and sellers, listening to the pain points they are experiencing during the buying process, and building something new to turn the buyer experience on its head – and we are just getting started.

The Buyer Copilot

Today we are proud to share our first solution, the Buyer Copilot. You can think of it as an AI-powered sales development representative which has two main parts:

  1. A conversational interface, powered by a large language model (LLM), that knows your product inside and out. One that can meaningfully answer buyer questions in real-time and that gets progressively more intelligent.
  2. Dynamic content in the form of interactive product tours, videos, and other assets that can be delivered to buyers on-demand.

Crucially, these two parts of the solution work together to deliver a more meaningful and effective experience to the buyer than they would have otherwise.

This is not just legacy conversational marketing delivered through a chatbot. There is a reason why it is called a “demo” and not a “conversation”. Buyers want to see and not hear. If a buyer today asks “Does this integrate with Hubspot?”, not only do they get the answer, but they also get an interactive demo of the HubSpot integration at the same time.

Traditionally a sales or marketing person would have to assemble content, demos, videos, etc. based either on a theme or a specific ask from the buyer. This is incredibly time consuming and the end result is always static. With the Buyer Copilot, the content being shown to the buyer is surfaced in real-time by the conversation taking place. This creates a non-linear experience where new and personalized content can be surfaced based on the buyer’s particular set of needs and questions.

What This Means for GTM Teams

Marketing Teams

Use cases: Dynamic landing pages, content reusability, better email campaigns, understanding the market

Buyers are going to want to get a feel for your product as early as possible. With FullContext, you're not just putting up another widget on your website, you are creating an opportunity to engage with the buyer, move them along their journey, and get a deeper understanding of their needs.

Our design partners are seeing more than 20% of the traffic to their product tours engage conversationally with the Buyer Copilot. This is a huge opportunity not just to convert more traffic, but to capture insights from your buyer on what they are really looking for.

You’ve probably heard the adage that 90% of the buyer’s journey is already complete by the time they engage with sales teams. By leveraging buyer conversations within the Buyer Copilot, you can understand this 90%: who they are, what they are looking for, and what their pain points are. Use this information to inform messaging, understand gaps, better connect with your audience, and arm the sales team with contextual insights.

Sales Teams

Use cases: Outbound emails, leave-behinds, automated qualification, internal education

Let’s face it, buyers are changing. Reply rates are down and new ways of engagement need to be found. Buyers know that responding to a traditional sales email leads to scheduling friction and pressure to be closed. This is a tremendous ask for someone who is trying to casually advance their understanding of the problem area or even solutions available in the space. Instead, imagine having a sequence step like the following:

“Hey, I get it, you aren’t ready to talk to a rep yet. Instead, engage with our AI below and get your questions answered and see the product in action:”

This will lead potential prospects to engage, who otherwise wouldn’t. When they do engage, our Buyer Copilot will help qualify them and save your SDRs time. When they finally do reach an account executive, they come along with a summary of their pain points and what parts of the product they have already seen to streamline the conversation. This helps bring full context to the sales conversation from initial interaction to full blown proof of concept.

Product Teams

Use cases: Identifying product gaps, customer research, product announcements

Your marketing website only shows potential customers what your product already does. Through conversation, you can understand the market at a more fundamental level and see where there might be actual product gaps.

Buyers are also going to want to get access to your product as early as possible. The reality is that for many companies this is not possible. The Buyer Copilot helps create a product-forward experience that can show off the product in a non-trivial way in a state that makes sense for buyers.

What’s Next - For Us and For You

It is clear that in the age of AI, the GTM process must change. We are committed to building the best solution to help redefine what the modern buyer experience should look like.

Today, our design partners are seeing impressive results. If you are familiar with the early days of Outreach, you know that our team has a rabid proclivity to build solutions – and we are doing it again.

If you are evaluating the role of AI in the GTM process and want to be a part of this journey, we would love to work with you.

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